AAA Activates ‘Tow to Go’ for Year-End Holidays

(Omaha) AAA is working to keep impaired drivers off the road this holiday season. On Friday night, the Auto Club Group will activate its Tow to Go program in Nebraska, Iowa, and other states.

Brian Ortner with AAA says if faced with the decision of driving impaired, put down those keys, pick up the phone, and call Tow to Go. Ortner says AAA will dispatch a truck to take you and your vehicle to a safe location within a 10-mile radius.”

AAA service technicians expect to rescue more than 937,000 drivers with car trouble during the upcoming holidays. Authorities say to treat Tow to Go as a last resort. Plan and identify a designated driver or ride-sharing service before you party. 

The  Tow to Go is active from 6 p.m. Friday, December 22nd to 6 a.m. Tuesday, January 2nd. It is available in FL, GA, IA, MI, ND, NE, TN, WI, CO (Denver), NC (Charlotte), and IN (Fort Wayne/South Bend).

This is the 25th year The Auto Club Group has provided the Tow to Go program. When called upon, The Auto Club Group dispatches a tow truck to transport the impaired person and their vehicle to a safe location within a 10-mile radius for free. Since its inception, Tow to Go has removed more than 25,000 impaired drivers from the road.

(855) 2-TOW-2-GO or (855) 286-9246

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