AAA to Provide Roadside Services through Apple’s Roadside Assistance via Satellite on the iPhone 15 Lineup

ORLANDO, Fla. (Sep. 12, 2023) – AAA is excited to announce that users of the newly announced iPhone 15 lineup, as well as iPhone 14 users can now get access to roadside assistance via satellite utilizing AAA services. As one of North America’s largest and most trusted membership organizations, AAA responds to approximately 30 million calls for roadside assistance annually and serves more than 63 million members. By working with Apple, AAA can now reach people who may otherwise be unable to get help.

“Safety is at the core of who AAA is as an organization, and we’re taking that commitment to the next level by offering AAA services to iPhone users who would have previously been unreachable,” said Marshall Doney, president and CEO, AAA. “Now, thanks to iPhone’s satellite capabilities, iPhone users with Roadside Assistance via satellite can get help when they need it most but can’t reach us via traditional connections.”

iPhone users requesting roadside assistance can be connected via satellite with AAA after answering a few questions to capture important details. Users will receive clear guidance on how to stay connected to a satellite, so they can message with a AAA agent and get important information about the status of their request.

“We know firsthand how stressful it is to be stranded with a breakdown, especially if you find yourself in a remote location or without cell service. Your options are limited – walk to a service point or area with cellular connectivity or Wi-Fi, which can be miles away, or attempt to flag another motorist down.” continued Doney. “Apple’s satellite infrastructure is an innovative solution that is already providing critical emergency support to iPhone users, and AAA is proud to offer Roadside Assistance via satellite in partnership with Apple.”

Roadside Assistance via satellite* will be available to all iPhone 15 and iPhone 14 users in the US, regardless of whether they are a AAA member. Once the questionnaire is received, AAA members will be verified and service will be provided**. Non-members will be responsible for payment upon completion of the service. Roadside Assistance via satellite is built on the groundbreaking technology that powers Emergency SOS via satellite, launched by Apple in 2022, which allows iPhone 14 and now iPhone 15 users to access emergency services via satellite when cellular coverage or Wi-Fi is unavailable.

*Individuals must be located near a road to receive service. AAA does not provide off-road vehicle recovery.

** Service will be provided according to the terms of membership and will be available in the U.S. and Puerto Rico beginning September 22, 2023.

Started in 1902 by automotive enthusiasts who wanted to chart a path for better roads in America and advocate for safe mobility, AAA has transformed into one of North America’s largest membership organizations. Today, AAA provides roadside assistance, travel, discounts, financial and insurance services to enhance the life journey of 63 million members across North America, including over 56 million in the United States. To learn more about all AAA has to offer or to become a member, visit



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