Aeroflot 737-800 Damaged in Ground Towing Incident at Kazan Airport

An Aeroflot Boeing 737-800 scheduled to conduct a flight to Antalya was involved in a ground handling incident at Russia’s Kazan International Airport.

Ground Handling Sequence of EventsAbout Kazan International Airport

The mishap occurred during a routine towing procedure at Kazan International Airport (KZN). There was a collision between the aircraft and the towing vehicle due to a ground handling issue.

The ground incident resulted in the cancellation of the scheduled flight. All 118 passengers on board had to disembark and were returned to the terminal building.

Ground Handling Sequence of Events

The airline reported an incident during an aircraft towing procedure. The pilots has received permission to tow the Boeing 737-800, but there was a problem.

A towing pin, which is a crucial part for connecting the aircraft to the towing vehicle, was apparently missing.

Video via @upuknews1 Twitter/X

According to a statement issued by the carrier Aeroflot, this resulted in the following sequence of events:

The towing began, but the front wheels of the aircraft wouldn’t turn because of the missing pin.
This caused the towing vehicle to stop suddenly, causing bending of the carrier. This is the component that attaches the aircraft to the tow vehicle.
Since the aircraft wasn’t properly connected, it kept rolling and subsequently collided with the towing vehicle.
Both the aircraft and the towing vehicle suffered damage in the ground handling incident.

About Kazan International Airport

Kazan International Airport (KZN), also simply known as Kazan Airport, is the major aviation hub serving the city of Kazan, Russia.

Located around 25 kilometers southeast of the city center, it’s the busiest airport in Tatarstan and a significant player among airports in Russia and the former Soviet states.

The airport boasts a modern infrastructure, handling over 5 million passengers in 2023. It caters to both domestic and international flights, offering connections to various destinations.

Towing - Aeroflot 737-800 Damaged in Ground Towing Incident at Kazan Airport

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Towing - Aeroflot 737-800 Damaged in Ground Towing Incident at Kazan Airport

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