Arlington firefighter shot while conducting welfare check, police say

arlington – Arlington firefighter Brady Weaver is recovering after he was shot during a welfare check.

Arlington firefighter Brady Weaver

Arlington Police Department

The Arlington Police Department said it happened at an apartment complex in the 400 block of Bardin Greene Drive just after midnight Friday. 

A neighbor at the apartment complex had called 911 and reported hearing children crying for an extended period.

Police, the Arlington Fire Department and a medical response team went to the apartment and knocked on the door but no one answered. Police say they heard children's voices coming from inside the apartment, continuing to call for their mother to wake up.

Officers continued knocking for over five minutes. First responders decided to force entry into the apartment, concerned that someone inside might need medical attention. At that time, firefighters used a breaching tool to pry the door open.

Police said a single shot was then fired from inside the apartment, striking Weaver, who was at the door. He was taken to Medical City Arlington with serious injuries.

Weaver is "stable and alert this morning," APD said.

No other shots were fired and no one else was injured.

Police say a man, a woman and two children eventually came out of the apartment. They believe the man was the shooter, who is now in police custody.

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