Arlington Memorial Day Weekend Events 2024 in Texas

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With Memorial Day weekend being the unofficial start of summer, the United States of America rejoices in the form of thousands of celebrations. While some may venture into the party scene, others choose to spend this day commemorating the reason behind the holiday—the fallen soldiers fighting for their freedom. Arlington doesn't miss the mark and offers ways to reminisce, salute the heroes, and blow off steam while preparing for the summer to come. Dalworthington Gardens Farmers Market, Division Brewing, and Arlington World War II Memorial are great places to visit during Memorial Day Weekend.

Memorial Day Business Offers

As with any other holiday in the United States, local vendors won't miss the opportunity to promote their services by offering special deals or discounts. The restaurants in Arlington surely have something to boast about: be sure to visit Tipsy Oak at 301 East Front Street for some drinks and delightful dishes, as well as Cartel Taco Bar at 506 E Division Street #150 to hear amazing artists perform live, which happens every weekend, from Friday to Sunday.

Dalworthington Gardens Farmers Market (May 26, 2024)

Dalworthington Gardens Farmers Market is a staple in the Arlington community. The fair takes place every week on Sunday, and Memorial Day Weekend is no exception—you'll have a chance to grab some delicious pastries from local bakers, high-quality organic produce grown by the regional farmers, and taste some detectable pickles and jam produced by careful hands of Arlington's best cooks. You can find the market at 2800 W. Arkansas Lane and sample goods from 10 am to 2 pm.

Sour Sundays at Division Brewing (May 26, 2024)

If your goal for Memorial Day Weekend is to toast to the heroes, visit Division Brewing at 506 E Main Street. Every Sunday, from 12 pm to 10 pm, the establishment holds Sour Sundays—a weekly event where the business offers $2 off all sour beers. The bar promises to treat its visitors to 3 types of fruited craft beer. And that's not all! You can also indulge in a considerable selection of Lagers, IPAs, and Strouts in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere while reminiscing about the American history.

Local memorial sites

With all the fun to be had before the summer onset, it's important to remember the purpose behind the long-awaited Memorial Day weekend. Bring your loved ones and make sure to visit the Arlington World War II Memorial to place a flower on the graves of fallen soldiers and honor their lives. It's located at 101 W Abram Street, City Center Plaza between City Hall and the George W. Hawkes Downtown Library.

The monument serves as a reminder of the souls of 50 Arlington locals who perished fighting for the USA all throughout the world. The landmark is also homage to 5,000 students and staff of the University of Texas at Arlington who volunteered to serve for their country during the challenging time of World War II.


From adorning the city's architecture with patriotic star-studded flags to ensuring that the local cemeteries are ready for the influx of visitors, adornments are an important part of Memorial Day festivities. Just by taking a walk through any neighborhood in Arlington, you will be treated to the sight of all kinds of hues of red, white and blue. Locals know the significance of celebrating the heroes and decorations serve as just one of their ways to show it.

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