Ask Nathan: Towing With an EV, Honda's Scooter and Happy Holidays With Puppies?!

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What can I tow with an EV?

Can I buy a Honda EV scooter (Motocompacto) without a car?

Here are some puppies from Project Frodo – and they have homes for the holidays!

The first question comes from a fan who wants to know if towing with an EV is logical.

Towing - Ask Nathan: Towing With an EV, Honda's Scooter and Happy Holidays With Puppies?!

Q: (Via: NathanAdlen@Twitter/X) Rather than worry about how bad towing with an EV is, which trailer can I get for my EV?

I just bought a Rivian R1s [the FIRST in Oregon!] and I want to go camping. But I know that the tow rating verses the range can be an issue. I’ve watched you towing videos and other to see what the R1T and R1S can do with towing. I want to be able to go about 80 miles into the boonies without worrying about a weekend getaway.

Now I need to find a trailer to pull behind my amazing Rivian. Should I go lightweight? I don’t want a pop up or anything that needs cranks to set up. I want simplicity and enough space for me and my significant other. Hopefully a kitchen and bathroom of some sort would make my mate happy.


– SamwiseGG

A: Andre towed about 5,000-lbs with the Rivian R1S, and it had a (theoretical) range of 175 miles.

For an EV, that’s not too bad. The R1S ranges from 260 miles, up to 400-ish miles with the Max-pac battery. Andre’s test with the smaller (260-mile) battery showed that he lost about 85 miles. I think you will need to do a few things for maximum towing range.

You need better aero than Andre had, which was terrible. In addition, he had extra drag with four wheels on the ground on the trailer. Getting a lightweight, single axle trailer that’s aerodynamic makes sense.

Now, I haven’t towed with a Happier Camper product, but I’ve met owners, and I’ve seen a few videos. These little, lightweight trailers may point in the direction you need to go. Depending on the model, they weigh between 1,200 – 2,200 lbs. I think that’s a good starting point. I’m hopeful that we will be able to test a few of their trailers in the future, for our Camper Corner segment.

In addition, you can often charge at large campsites, and you can bring a solar setup to get some juice as well. Even if you’re headed to parts unknown, you should have some sort of backup. Just in case.

One more note: there are a few companies that are building EV trailers. We’ve covered it before, and there are no independent tests I can site on the capabilities of these vehicles. Basically, they are travel trailers that have a battery and electric motor powering their wheels. When properly charged, they can add to the pushing power of the trailer, making the tow weight less for the tow vehicle. As for the tongue load, expense, and complexity – that’s info I don’t have yet.

We should know more about those trailers soon.

Let me know how it goes!

– N

Something like this might work too, but I think it’s a tad too heavy.

The next question comes from a viewer who wants to know if you can get the Honda Motocompacto EV scooter without buying a car.

Towing - Ask Nathan: Towing With an EV, Honda's Scooter and Happy Holidays With Puppies?!

Q: ([email protected]) Nathan and Case and Alex!

You guys might be able to help me. I want to get a new Honda Motocompacto electric scooter very much. But my dad says they only sell them with cars. Like the old days I guess when you bought a JDM Honda and got the gas one. Is that true? Are you getting one?

– Boston Cuz

A: Yes, they can be purchased separately.

Keep in mind: it’s going to cost $995.00, and I don’t know if there are any handling fees. I believe it can only be picked up at a dealership as of now.

Now, before you click on the (link) to order yours, here are a few numbers you might find interesting.

Dimensions: 3.7in W x 21.1in H x 29.2in L, so it’s a bit larger than an extra-large pizza box. It weighs 41-lbs.

Range and top speed: 15 mph and its maximum range is 12-miles max. Also, it’s front wheel drive.

Recharge: 110v 3.5-hours

Honestly, it’s super cool – but I’ll let the little guys (Kase and Alex) have all the fun. If I ride it – it may rupture under my greatness “weight.”


The final question is about the Operation Frodo dog rescue results.

Towing - Ask Nathan: Towing With an EV, Honda's Scooter and Happy Holidays With Puppies?!

Q: Nathan! What happened with Operation Frodo?

I saw some updates from the road, and there were videos on some stations but I didn’t see you.


Towing - Ask Nathan: Towing With an EV, Honda's Scooter and Happy Holidays With Puppies?!Volunteers of Operation Frodo – on the first leg of the journey. (Image: Operation Frodo)

A: I was there, but there’s not a lot of coverage with me in it.

I did manage to put out a post that mentioned a Hyundai press release about the event. Sadly, not a ton of television coverage, but we’re trying to put together a video that should drop next week. It was a great drive, and I was so happy to be part of the group. Most of the drivers were automotive journalists, people we know and work with.

We drove cars donated from Ford, Hyundai, Nissan, Subaru, Honda and Infiniti. In addition, lots of automakers donated money and gifts to the cause. DriveShop also donation time, money and support to the endeavor.

I’m happy to say that the caravan made it to the Pacific Northwest with no issues. All of the Beagles either have a home, or are hanging out at a comfy place waiting for one. You can learn more (here).

With all that being said, and in the spirit of heartwarming memories – I hope all of you have a wonderful holiday season!


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