BP Pulse completes phase 1 of electric truck charging depot, supporting OK Produce

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — BP Pulse (BPP) and OK Produce (OK) announced they have completed phase one of OK Produce’s fleet electrification project.

The two companies teamed up last year for the project, a news release stated.

BPP delivered the EV charging solution for OK’s mixed fleet of 10 Freightliner EV trucks, three orange EV yard tractors and three Heliox DC fast chargers, which allows for the service of up to 10 EV tractors. Along with BPP’s chargers operating with Omega, BPP’s charge management software optimizes charging times for the lowest cost energy and streamlines charging operations, according to the news release.

“To ensure optimal fleet performance, our omega charge management software is being used to plan, measure and increase operational efficiency and will help OK quickly introduce additional vehicles and chargers into their operations as the project expands,” said the President of BPP Pulse Fleet, Vic Shao.

OK Produce’s CEO, Brady Matoian, who said he was driven by a commitment to sustainability and reducing the carbon intensity of operations, decided to partner with BPP for the electrification site design, construction, utility engagement and overall stakeholder management in 2022.

In order for the project to be brought to life, SEAM was selected as the contractor for the engineering, procurement and construction portion of the project.

BPP worked closely with Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) to provide a new line of electric service for the project.

“Since 2001, when the company launched its sustainability program, OK Produce has made a comprehensive commitment to the environment, including the installation of 4.5 megawatts of solar power featuring over 12,000 PV panels. As we looked to electrify our fleet, we knew we needed a partner that would help us truly maximize the results of our efforts and simplify the process,” Matoian said. “Staying hands-on in the decision-making process was important, and being able to trust BP Pulse with more of the heavy lifting and technical pieces ensured this project moved forward promptly and efficiently.”

Matoian said that OK’s goal “is to deliver healthy and delicious fruits and vegetables in the healthiest way possible from field to store. We rely on Mother Nature to provide all the products we handle for our customers, so it’s very important to us to do business in a way that has a lower impact on the planet Earth. Although we have made great progress along the way towards this goal, our fleet remains our greatest opportunity for improvement in regard to environmental impact. We appreciate the partnership with BP Pulse in phase one and look forward with enthusiasm toward phase two and beyond.”

BPP anticipates the breaking ground on phase two to happen in early 2024.

This phase will further reduce the carbon intensity of OK’s fleet operations by introducing solar as a green electricity source. The phase will rely on critical partnerships that include Pacific Solar to install the solar panels and ABB to deliver 14 additional DC Fast Chargers, which will supply power to an additional 27 electric vehicles, bringing OK’s total electric fleet to 36.

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