Car With Two Senior Citizens Inside Towed Away In Noida Video Goes Viral

The incident happened in Noida's Sector 50 on Tuesday when Vishwajit Mazumder had gone to a hospital in Noida Sector 50 with his sister-in-law.


No parking sign was hidden 

According to Mazumder his sister-in-law was a heart patient and at the hospital, they were asked to pay in cash and get some documents photocopied.

"In a little hurry, we parked the car in a no-parking zone in Sector 50 and could not see the no-parking signage as it was covered by some tree leaves. We were back in five minutes after work but by that time, the car's front portion was lifted up for towing," Mazumder said.

Told them we had to go to hospital

"We begged the parking workers that we have a patient who needs to go to the hospital. She has a heart ailment. We are senior citizens, 70 years old. The parking workers did not listen to us. A crowd gathered there and even they appealed for us, but to no avail. The parking workers insisted that the car can be taken from the police station now," he claimed.


The elderly man said he even offered some money to the parking workers to release the car, citing shortage of time at their end.

"The boys (parking workers) were very indecent. This is usual with contract workers now. They are not educated and have no process of working. We were sitting inside the car and they towed us to the police station," Mazumder said.

FIR, show cause notice against contractor

The video of the incident has gone viral on social media showing a red Skoda Fabia being towed away.

After the video went viral an FIR was registered against the contractor Praveen Gupta.

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