City of Wilmington residents will see a change in towing procedures

The City of Wilmington awards a new towing contract.

Both companies that bid on the contract - City Towing Services and First Choice Auto and Truck Repair - added a towing fee to their proposals.

The City went with CTS, who had the lower of the two fees at $110. First Choice proposed a $140 fee.

CTS currently handles the City’s towing needs, and aside from the new towing fees, their procedures will largely remain the same.

All vehicles are subject to a daily storage fee beginning on the eighth day of storage.

Those fees are based on a state-prescribed rate and will be communicated to vehicle owners via mail.

Customers whose vehicles are towed must pay their fines and a $25 release fee at the Redding Government Building.

The $110 towing charge and any accumulated storage fees must be paid directly to City Towing Services at the tow yard when owners pick up their vehicle.

The contract is effective April 1st.


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