Clamping, towing ordinance in Bacolod City questioned

A lawyer is reported to have questioned the clamping and towing operations of Bacolod Traffic Authority Office (BTAO).

The operations implemented by BTAO have already clamped lawyer-owned cars parked at the roadside outside of the Hall of Justice, aside from government vehicles that have been issued traffic tickets.  

Atty. Ace Catacutan elucidated that signages should have been put up in conspicuous places deemed tow-away zones based on City Ordinance 09-17-818.

The lawyer pointed out that the ordinance cites of road signages to be painted in red and yellow inorder to differentiate an absolute tow-away zone from a regulated tow-away zone based on the time of the day and specific days of the week that parking is prohibited.

However, BTAO pointed out that their operations seek not to offend, rather to resolve the prevalent roadside parking of vehicles that belong reportedly to clients and employees of the Hall of Justice.

Catacutan said that they have a prior agreement with the Local Government Unit of Bacolod City to park close to the Hall of Justice for security reasons.


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