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MARIETTA — A local coffee truck owner and a local potter are teaming up to bring a maker’s market and pop-up events to the area just in time for the winter season and new year.

Jen Allman had been working the past 10 years in healthcare and while she did enjoy it, she was ready for a change that would give her more quality time at home and a deeper sense of community connection. That was when the idea of a coffee truck was born. Allman launched SIPS in June and she says it’s been a wild ride.

“Seeing my vision come to life has been an absolutely incredible feeling and to top it off, the support from our community has been so overwhelming,” said Allman. “I’m so thankful. I still can’t believe I get to do this job. I get to spread a little joy, while trying to make our community a little bit brighter, and caffeinated.”

Eva Bennett started pottery a long time ago and left the hobby due to some life changes and circumstances, but this past winter she returned to her craft and it made her remember how alive clay made her feel. From there, in June of this year Eva Throws, @evathrows on social media, was born. In July, Bennett’s husband joined her and created Dahairypotter, @dahairypotter on social media. They’ve been creating in any and all free time they have ever since.

“Jen and I met in May, she was a lot further along in starting her business, but seeing her excitement and pure passion for this project of hers made me think that just maybe I could create my own dream business,” Bennett said. “We became fast friends, have helped each other and supported each other through the ups and downs of business and now I couldn’t imagine life without her.”

Trucks - Coffee truck owner, pottery maker brew up winter market | News, Sports, Jobs

Eva Bennett started pottery a long time ago and left the hobby, but this past winter she returned to her craft. (Photo Provided)

Simply Kin Market was sparked by an idea that Allman and Bennett had to create a space for the many maker friends they had made while both were launching their businesses. Those maker friends have not only supported them in the process of getting to know them, but they have also gotten the privilege to see what passions they have and what products, services, or songs they create and inspire the two. It inspired them to create a market focused on connecting with each other and genuinely sharing themselves and their work with the community. Allman says that the name behind the maker’s market, Simply Kin, has a special meaning.

“Eva and I both have not only a unique background but are part of unique families and communities,” said Allman. “When wanting to describe who we are, what we represent, and what we hope these markets will represent, we landed on Simply Kin, because we’re all ‘simply kin’ you and me and everyone in this community. We just want to connect, by sharing in each other’s strengths and supporting each other’s passions. We hope each of our Simply Kin Markets create an atmosphere to do just that.”

Bennett said both of them started their businesses to bring joy into their lives and their community. They say that their goal with Simply Kin is unconditional support because there is an entire group of makers, doers and providers in the community that want nothing more than to see each other succeed.

“Life has been tough for a lot of people, for a long time,” Bennett said. “We have seen this support from these makers over and over even in just the planning of this market. The way these vendors are supporting each other, promoting each other and genuinely helping each other has been so incredible to witness. We hope the community is ready to do the same!”

Allman and Bennett’s first event with Simply Kin Market will be their Winter Solstice Pop-Up from 3-8 p.m. Thursday on the Armory Lawn in Marietta. They say to imagine a magical winter market with over 20 local makers who are all bringing incredible last minute Christmas gifts that are sure to impress anyone. The pop-up will also include live music throughout the evening, food, and hot cocoa and coffee from SIPS Coffee Truck. The Winter Solstice event will have two photographers joining in the merriment who will be capturing memories and providing unique Polaroid moments for friends and family attending. Many of the stores on Front Street in Marietta will also be open during this time and some are staying open late to join in the festivities.

” We are really hoping that this is an event for all of Front Street, that the community would come and support all of the small businesses in brick and mortar and on the lawn,” said Allman.

Admission to the Simply Kin Market Winter Solstice Pop-Up event is free and parking at the Marietta Armory will also be free of charge. For more information on the event and future events from the maker’s market, visit the Simply Kin Market Facebook page.

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