Crashes on icy roads Monday morning kept tow truck drivers busy

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Icy roads Monday morning across the metro caused dozens of traffic crashes and kept tow truck drivers busy.

Luke Driskell, a driver with Santa Fe Tow Service, wants to help stranded drivers, but not slip up where others slid off roads.

“So we are obviously really heavy and we like to slide around as well," Driskell said. "There are things that we can do whether it be tire change or laying our own salt down and stuff like this. We are constantly looking behind our backs because others are sliding behind our backs and slipping.”

Driskell has been a driver for three years and enjoys his job, even in frigid and ice-covered conditions.

“Yeah, there is something about it that just, it’s not for everybody, but it can be a lot of fun,” Driskell said.

More than 100 people called Santa Fe Tow Service Monday with all kinds of car troubles.

That forced the tow service to get trucks on the roads immediately.

“What we would consider a hot spot we’ve kept a driver in that location," said Kaileigh Cupchin, Santa Fe Tow's office manager. "And we see that there are multiple calls coming in for that location so that one driver can go from customer to customer."

The tow service provided tips for staying safe on icy roads.

Stay at home if you can, but if you have to go out, keep an eye out for tow truck drivers as they work.

“If you see us, move over, give us some room to work so that way we can all get home to our families,” Driskell said.


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