Dallas celebrates unveiling of public art installation 'Harmony' | North Texas

dallas, Texas — The City of Dallas Office of Arts and Culture and Dallas Park and Recreation Department are set to celebrate the unveiling of a new public art installation, 'Harmony', at Everglade Park. The event, open to the public and free of charge, is scheduled for 10 a.m. on Saturday, May 18, 2024.

The sculpture, installed in November 2023, was created by artist Laura Abrams. Inspired by themes of growth and the natural environment, 'Harmony' embodies the spirit of the local neighborhood and serves as a symbol of hope, transformation, and a brighter future. The piece features a tiny sulfur yellow butterfly, a common sight in spring and summer, and is intended to remind viewers of the fleeting aspect of time.

John D. Jenkins, Director of Dallas Park and Recreation Department, expressed his excitement about the new addition to Everglade Park. "Art in public parks inspires people's imaginations and connects the artists to the local community. I am thrilled to welcome 'Harmony' to Everglade Park. This impressive artwork is the latest installation in a Dallas Park. Almost 100 parks are home to original artworks, thanks to our collaboration with the City of Dallas Office of Arts and Culture. Our longstanding partnership is transforming the look of our parks and the visitor experience," Jenkins said.

Martine Elyse Philippe, Director of the Office of Arts and Culture, emphasized the impact of the Public Art Program. "The Office of Arts and Culture Public Art Program places meaningful art installations for the Dallas community to view and enjoy. Collaboration with the Dallas Park and Recreation team is extremely impactful as residents and visitors are able to join the celebration of unveiling our public art pieces," Philippe said.

The public art piece 'Harmony' was funded in part by the Buckner Terrace Neighborhood Vitality Grant and Dallas Public Art Program. The Dallas Public Art Program manages the commission and acquisition of new public art as well as the conservation and maintenance of the existing City of Dallas art collection.


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