Dallas city councilwoman partners with police chief to combat speeding

dallas — Speeding drivers on North Texas roads have become a serious problem just about everywhere. 

But in an area of East Dallas, the mix of highways and homes has created a dangerous situation that has a city council member taking action. 

Even the protective boulders didn't stop an out-of-control Porsche SUV from barreling up to the front yard of Adam Sugerman stopping only inches from his home. 

"It's kind of kind of nerve-wracking," said Sugarman. "You know, we always knew it was a possibility living around here, especially right off Mockingbird, but we didn't think it would actually happen necessarily, especially because there's a light right there."

Sugerman and other homeowners in Mockingbird Meadows live in an area of East Dallas where several six-lane roads and highways tempt drivers to treat them as freeways. 

"So what we're seeing is quite a bit of speeding, quite a bit of reckless driving, running red lights, not stopping at stop signs," said Dallas City Councilwoman Paula Blackmon.

Blackmon partnered with Police Chief Eddie Garcia to produce a public awareness video that warns those who speed on Mockingbird, Buckner, Northwest Highway and Garland Road that more traffic enforcement will be addressing the problem. 

"We are asking DPD to look at those corridors that are highly trafficked at high volumes of speed," said Blackmon. "But we're also asking our Transportation Department to come back with some ideas of how to slow the traffic down."

The city has already taken action to protect the White Rock Trail from Garland Road traffic by installing new barriers to keep walkers, cyclists and joggers safe, like Meghan Kuyper. 

"I think everyone goes 55 and above probably on an average day," said Kuyper. "I mean, this road is very dangerous to cross, but they've put the white barriers up. So for me as a runner, it's forced me to be a little safer and go down to the crosswalk. But it's still not super safe with traffic going through the crosswalk."

Dallas Police issued 300 speeding citations in a recent month on Mockingbird Road alone where more stoplights could help ease the frustration of those who live right along it. 

Some homeowners have even resorted to putting up signs in their yards urging people to slow down but they say it's not working.

The fact that the city wants to address the problem is welcome news to Adam Sugerman who says his family has been on edge since the accident on their property. 

"Even if it's not a crash, we hear a lot of screeching, a lot of, you know, just cars flying through and honking at each other," Sugarman said. "So it's definitely, definitely not good."

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