Dallas is top dog when it comes to pet-friendly rentals

dallas Zillow and BARK, creators of BarkBox, sniffed out some data involving pet-friendly rentals and Dallas is top dog.

Zillow Group

Data from the 2023 Zillow Consumer Housing Trends Report shows 79% of rental listings in Dallas are pet-friendly. That's the biggest percentage of any town across the nation. What's more, the Lone Star State holds all top three spots across the U.S, with Austin coming in No. 2 and San Antonio coming in No. 3.

Zillow Group

Zillow says twice as many renters are now filtering for pet-friendly listings than for any other amenity. And that's probably because more people are reporting they have pets. In 2023, 59% of renters said they have a pet and 40% said they had adog. That's compared to 2019 data that showed 46% of renters said they have a pet and 31% said they had a dog.  

According to BarkBox, the most popular dog breed in Dallas is a lab or golden retriever. Meanwhile, Bella and Charlie are the most popular names. 

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