Dallas Jesuit Wins Texas-LA Varsity Cup Over Strake

dallas Jesuit won the Texas/Louisiana Varsity Cup final Saturday night, defeating Strake Jesuit 27-14 to take the title and end their season undefeated.

The game was, at one point, 27-0, but two late Strake tries made it a little closer. In some sense, it was only right, as the game always seemed closer than 27-0.

The Rangers scored early with a massive run from outside center Thomas Villalba, who took a nice flat pass to gallop 65 meters to paydirt. No. 8 Dylan Wachsman slotted the difficult conversion for a 7-0 lead.

Dallas was over not long after, but that try was eventually called back for a knock-on. Soon after that center Chase Brown charged over, only to be held up. It was a frustrating period for Dallas Jesuit, but Strake had their frustrations, too, as they had some good territory but couldn't any points.

As halftime neared Strake gave up a scrum well inside their half after a clearance kick rolled dead. From there Dallas Jesuit got a penalty, and Wachsman put it over for a 10-0 at the break.


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