Dallas, Texas flash flood warning: Latest updates

In Fort Worth, fire department crews seen responding to a vehicle in high water on Interstate 35W near Ripy Street.

dallas — Heavy rain from early-morning thunderstorms prompted flash flood warnings for several areas of North Texas, including parts of Dallas, Tarrant, Johnson and Parker counties.

The Fort Worth Fire Department and Fort Worth Police Department were responding to several high-water calls and investigations Sunday morning. Several similar calls were being reported in Dallas on Sunday morning as well.

In Fort Worth, fire department crews seen responding to a vehicle in high water on Interstate 35W near Ripy Street. Crews were able to get the car out of the water, which was ponding on the roadway. There were no apparent injuries in the incident.

High water was also seen in North Fort Worth in the area of Northeast 28th Street and Decatur Avenue.

In Dallas, a flood warning was issued by the National Weather Service for White Rock Creek, where officials said minor flooding was happening, and more moderate flooding was in the forecast.

The warning was issued for White Rock Creek at Greenville Avenue from early Sunday to Sunday evening.

The Dallas Fire Department said it responded to 14 high water incidents starting at 4 a.m. Sunday morning. Units responded to three vehicles stalled in high water on the north bound entrance ramp to Stemmons from Royal Lane. There were no injuries reported. 

5:15am Sunday - Your phones may have just gone off in Dallas County from the Flash Flood Warning. Over 2in of rain has fallen with heavy rain continuing to fall. Use caution and do not drive or into flooded roadways!

Radar: https://t.co/PyKreFAs8D pic.twitter.com/ESQ864mPvv

— Pete Delkus (@wfaaweather) April 28, 2024

HEAVY RAIN: A flash flood warning has been issued for parts of Johnson, Parker and Tarrant counties until 7:30 a.m. Sunday.

Watch our live update: https://t.co/CGPRQL6lIw pic.twitter.com/e1LlFmKNhH

— WFAA (@wfaa) April 28, 2024

Storms are expected to shift east and most likely happen in eastern North Texas during the afternoon and evening with severe storms possible as well. The DFW area looks to be dry during the afternoon and evening.

Live DFW radar

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