Dallas, TX police: Deadly crash on Murdock Road

The suspect will not be identified until he is officially charged, police say.

dallas — A cemetery near Southern Dallas’ Trinity Forest is a reminder to residents along Murdock Road that life is precious. 

“Just like any family member would feel for a person. We felt that pain too,” said one resident who did not want to share her identity.

She said that pain was felt deeper Sunday morning at about 12:50 a.m. 

“We heard like a car like speeding through and heard a loud crash,” said the resident.

Her daughters came out to help when they noticed a car hit a pole and heard a male screaming. Both daughters called 911. “The car looked like it was split in half. The backseat was gone. It was just like in pieces,” said the resident. “My kids were walking that way. They seen the lady in the street.”

Dallas police said they responded to a kidnapping/major accident on the 1300 block of Murdock Road after a suspect stole a car, sped off, losing control, and hit a pole. They said the woman inside that car died in the crash.

Residents said it started at a nearby store. 

“That we're aware of, she had two people in the store. They must have left the vehicle on. I have no idea how that happened, but the guy jumped in sped off probably not realizing there was someone in the back,” said the resident.

Investigators said the driver was taken to the hospital and was placed in police custody.

Residents in the area said they see crashes all the time, sometimes on their own properties and even in the nearby cemetery. “More police, probably surveillance. But I don't even know if that'll help because it's usually in the middle of the night when this is happening,” said the resident.

The crash on Sunday morning is one the neighborhood will never forget. “It’s hard being a mom because you know your kids are driving. We don't know what's going on. Maybe they could be driving good. Next car could be, you know, reckless,” said the resident.

It is another reality that residents hope no one else has to feel.

That suspect’s name has not yet been released. Authorities said he will not be identified until he is formally charged.


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