Dallas Wings to leave Arlington, bringing WNBA games to Dallas

dallas — The Dallas Wings are moving from arlington to Dallas.

The Dallas City Council has unanimously approved for the WNBA team to play in the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center Dallas Memorial Auditorium starting in 2026. This includes a 15-year, $19 million use agreement for the WNBA team to relocate from their current facility in Arlington. 

Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson said he's thrilled to welcome the Wings to Dallas.

"Dallas is the place to be right now – for residents, for businesses, and for professional sports teams and their fans," Johnson said. "This deal has been a top priority for us because we know the Dallas Wings will soar in the city they represent."   

The auditorium will be updated as part of a larger redevelopment and expansion of the convention center.

"Dallas has plenty of capacity for leagues like the WNBA, teams like the Wings, and our new Convention Center District to grow together," said Dallas Sports Commissioner Monica Paul. "The City has been a dream teammate leading this valuable partnership and we look forward to more victories."  

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