Did Jerry Jones Just Hint at Dallas Cowboys Picking Texas Longhorns RB Jonathon Brooks?

Jonathon Brooks to the dallas Cowboys seems like a formality at this point.

Not only has the Texas Longhorns star running back been endlessly connected to America's team over the last few months, but he also - according to the experts - looks to be an outstanding fit in Dallas as well.

Now, it appears that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones may be feeling the same way, and very well could have tipped his team's hand during post draft interviews on Thursday night.

"In 30 years, I thought it was the best interview I've ever had with a player. (Brooks) is outstanding," Jones said. "We got him high, high, high (on our board). He’s a good player.”

Texas Longhorns running back Jonathon Brooks runs past BYU Cougars defenders in the third quarter at

Those are big words from Jones. And he is certainly known as a showman with the ability to move the needle every time he speaks.

That said, based on the reaction of Cowboys vice president of player personnel after Jones made his comments, it seems there might be some fire at the source of this smoke from the Cowboys.

Of course, the question that has always come along with Brooks since his entry into the draft was about the torn ACL that he suffered late last season against the TCU Horned Frogs. However, the Cowboys might have better intel on that surgery than any other franchise.

Per Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, the Cowboys team doctor performed Brooks’ surgery.

“Brooks' surgery was done by Cowboys team doctor,” Hill tweeted earlier this spring. “They have all the intel on his rehab and recovery.” 

So if the Cowboys are comfortable with where Brooks stands in his injury recovery, in combination with the fit schematically, the positional need, and the way Jones is enamored with him as a prospect, what is left to stop the former Longhorn from staying home and wearing a star on his helmet?

Based on our view, its pretty hard to see any other scenario than Brooks to Dallas taking place.


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