Driver does donuts, leaves deep marks in Dallas city park's field

dallas – The deep marks of donuts in an East Dallas park have baffled some who live near and use it.

Ismael Duran said he's lived near Lakeland Hills Park for 17 years, and his kids love it. But a few feet from their home, the park keeps getting hit by someone driving through parts of the soccer and baseball fields.

"Why? Why you doing that?" Duran asked. "It's our park. It's our neighborhood park."

Brian Foster said he's used Lakeland Hills Park since 2017. He walks his Goldendoodles – Taco and Griffey – around the park all the time. The park gets an "A" grade for him and walking his dogs, but the donuts on the field are a fail.

"There's kids and organized sports that want to use these fields that would definitely give it an 'F' because you have tire tracks," Foster said.

Loops, troughs, ruts and groves swerve through the field. CBS News Texas observed some tire tracks dried into the ground. Some fresh in mud.

Those who live near the park give varied times in the frequency of vandalism to the field. Duran said he is familiar with the vehicle connected to the acts.

"It's a red Chevy truck," Duran said. 

Duran said the person lives close to the park. According to Foster, the organized efforts for kids and park goers deserve better.

"You want to have people appreciate it and not come out here and abuse it," Foster said.

Multiple attempts by CBS News Texas to the Dallas Parks and Recreation Department have yet to garner a response to determine if park officials were aware of the damage. CBS News Texas also wanted to know if other city parks have become victims of this kind of vandalism and, ultimately, the cost to the taxpayer.

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