Empowering Women Drivers: Roadserve Launches Lifetime Free Roadside Assistance

New Delhi, January 1, 2024 - Roadserve, India's leading 24x7 roadside assistance company, has launched an empowering initiative - Lifetime Free Roadside Assistance for women drivers. This pioneering offering aims to address the unique challenges faced by women on the road and provide them with reliable support during breakdowns.

From Flat Tyres to Locked Keys: Road Stress Is Real

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Many car drivers have experienced anxiety and frustration following an unexpected breakdown or accident while driving solo when there’s no reliable local assistance. Flat tires, dead batteries, and engine trouble are common occurrences that often leave car owners stranded. “I can’t change a flat tyre,” said Sonali Verma, “I can’t imagine the stress an accident can cause when there’s no professional and trustworthy help nearby.”

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When asked about the importance of accident support, Kritika Mistry, a professional mechanic talked about towing issues post major events. Oftentimes, the vehicle has to be towed to a workshop for repairs as roadside help alone doesn’t suffice. “It can be a major hassle having to coordinate with multiple agencies when you’re already battling a crisis in the middle of the road,” she mentioned, “What’s more, there’s always a nagging feeling of being shortchanged.”

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Sometimes, it’s not a flat tyre or a jumpstart that presents itself out of nowhere. Your keys can get locked inside the car or you might unexpectedly run into starter issues, leaving you helpless. It’s also not uncommon to run out of fuel at the wrong time when the nearest fuel station is miles away.

Roadserve launched a special 24x7 helpline number 18003093431 for women’s that ensures assistance is only a call away for individuals in distress.

How Roadserve Disrupts Road Safety with Innovative Tech

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Roadserve recognises these concerns and is committed to transforming the roadside assistance landscape for women. Their game-changing new lifetime free membership covers a comprehensive range of services including towing, flat tire repair, emergency fuel delivery, minor mechanical repairs, medical coordination and more.

"At Roadserve, we believe that empowered women empower women. Our lifetime free assistance aims to give women the confidence, freedom and security they deserve on the road," said Aman Gupta, Founder & CEO of Roadserve.

Roadserve launched a special 24x7 helpline number 18003093431 for women’s that ensures assistance is only a call away for individuals in distress. With a powerful network of 2000+ highly trained mechanics and professionals across India, help arrives swiftly.

When asked about her experiences with the brand, Nitisha Shinde, a Mumbai-based entrepreneur said, "As someone who drives long distances alone for work, Roadserve's service gives me immense peace of mind. Their quick response and caring staff have won my trust. I can drive stress-free knowing that I have a backup with me at all times."

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In a remarkable commitment to women's safety, over 90% of Roadserve's workforce comprises women. Muskan Patel, Head-Customer Service at Roadserve said, "With tech-based intervention, we aim to create an ecosystem of empathy that understands women's concerns intrinsically. That’s what drives us in our efforts every single day."

Free Lifetime Membership for Women

The lifetime free membership is a major announcement from the brand and is now open for enrollment until January 31, 2024 exclusively for women drivers. RoadServe extends a comprehensive service package encompassing towing, flat tyre aid, and additional assistance.

"Beyond roadside assistance, Roadserve is building a movement. We believe every woman deserves to feel safe and supported on every journey. Join us in creating a world where roads empower, not intimidate," said Rahul Yelligetti, Chief Marketing Officer of Roadserve.

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Customers can leverage a lifetime of complimentary support for diverse roadside emergencies.

Roadserve is Every Woman’s Reliable Road Companion

Roadserve is driving change by empowering women to navigate the roads fearlessly. The key to this new movement is that there are no unfair charges. Their unwavering glitch-free assistance and inclusive workforce make them every woman's reliable companion on the road.

Chandni Jafri, Business Advisor said " As someone who is passionate about driving, I understand the concerns that women face on the road. This initiative is a step in the right direction providing a sense of security and peace of mind to women drivers. It's a game changer for the industry.

Visit Roadserve today to know more about how Roadserve is leading the mission to make roads safer for women every day.

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