Everything you need to know about Roadside Assistance

Imagine you’re on a road trip with your buddies and your car unfortunately breaks down. The breakdown not only presses pause on your fun trip but also poses trouble in getting help on a highway or an isolated road with little access to the city. That’s when Roadside Assistance steps in.

What is Roadside Assistance?

Roadside Assistance (RSA) is an add-on cover that lets you get help from your insurer if you face any issues with your car while on the move. The RSA cover can be purchased as an add-on cover when you buy or renew your Car Insurance policy. The advantage of the RSA cover is that even if you ask for immediate assistance, it does not count as a claim on your primary insurance policy.

What is covered under Car Roadside Assistance?

The inclusions of an RSA cover depend on the insurance company issuing the cover. The typical coverage options available are listed below.

Flat Tire: In case your car has a flat tyre, a mechanic will arrive at the spot and change your tyre or tow it to the nearest garage where it can be changed.

Battery Issue: If the battery of the car has given in, a mechanic can help give it a jump start to get it moving again.

Fuel Assistance: Exhausting fuel is a common occurrence. The RSA cover lets you ask for up to 5 litres of fuel to refuel your tank.

Breakdown requiring minor repairs: Any minor repairs that can be done on the spot will be covered under RSA.

Misplacement of Keys: If you happen to misplace your keys on your trip, the insurer can help retrieve the spare keys provided it is within a 100km radius.

Towing Facility: In unfortunate circumstances where the car cannot be fixed on the spot and needs to be moved to a garage, the towing is taken care of by the insurer.

Exclusions of Roadside Assistance Cover

The exclusions of the Roadside Assistance cover are as follows:

There is a limit up to which you can avail benefits from the cover. For instance, some insurers allow you to use the cover up to 4 times in a policy year.

Additionally, as is the case with all motor insurance claims, coverage will not be provided if the driver is intoxicated, has no valid driving license, or is in violation of any other policy condition.

Why should you include Roadside Assistance in your Car insurance Policy?

While your base insurance policy takes care of damage or loss of the car, the RSA cover assists in immediate help when you are stuck in a crisis. It offers the convenience of calling for help when you are on the highway or in a location that is not easily accessible to a garage. Thus, an RSA cover gives you peace of mind and a sense of overall security concerning your car.

How does Roadside Assistance work?

Insurance companies list the coverage available under the RSA cover. When you wish to make use of the cover, you simply have to intimate your insurer so that they can get in touch with a network garage closest to the spot you’re stuck at so that they can arrange for help.


1. Will making a claim under my Roadside Assistance cover affect No Claim Bonus?
No. The roadside assistance cover does not in any way affect your No Claim Bonus.

2. Can I use Roadside Assistance on another car?
The Roadside Assistance cover can be used only on the car covered under the policy.

3. Is Roadside Assistance included in the base policy?
No, the RSA cover is an add-on that you have to purchase in addition to your base policy.


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