Fargo Tow Truck Drivers Wrestle With Snow, Ice, and Crashes in Harsh Winter Conditions

On an intensely cold February 27 in Fargo, tow truck drivers, particularly from All Pro towing, faced a grueling day marked by relentless calls for assistance. Drivers navigated through treacherous conditions, responding to incidents involving stranded vehicles and collisions on icy roads, emphasizing the unpredictable nature of winter this year.

Early Morning Chaos

The day kick-started before dawn at 4:30 a.m., with tow truck crews bracing for a long day ahead. By midday, they had tackled around 40 calls, a mix of cars and semis struggling on the roads, including a notable incident with four semis colliding on Interstate 29 towards Grandin. This surge in emergencies is atypical for the season, as explained by Chris Lohman, manager at All Pro Towing, who highlighted the unusual frequency of such incidents this winter.

Challenges on the Road

Drivers faced 'white and bright' conditions, with blowing snow creating visibility issues and misleading automatic headlights sensors, resulting in some vehicles driving without taillights. The low visibility also posed problems for stranded drivers, making it difficult to convey their exact location to the rescue teams. Despite these hurdles, the team's commitment to safety remained unwavering, with Lohman advising the public to avoid unnecessary travel and stick to main roads.

Continued Efforts Amidst Adversity

As the day progressed, the number of calls continued to rise, with tow truck drivers responding to an additional 33 vehicles, including a semi rollover in Carrington. The relentless efforts of these drivers underscore the challenges faced by towing services during extreme weather conditions, and their crucial role in ensuring the safety and mobility of the community amidst winter's unpredictability.

The incidents of February 27 in Fargo serve as a stark reminder of winter's capricious nature and the importance of preparedness and caution. As the community reflects on the day's events, the dedication of tow truck drivers like those at All Pro Towing highlights the collective resilience in the face of adversity, ensuring that life can go on, even under the most challenging circumstances.


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