Fatal Towing Mishap in Wood County Claims Life of 78-Year-Old Alva Barnes

In a tragic incident in Wood County, Ohio, a 78-year-old man, Alva Barnes, lost his life following a crash involving a towed pickup truck. Timothy Wakeman, driving the primary vehicle, encountered trouble as the towed vehicle overturned, leading to the fatal accident.

Details of the Tragic Event

On a serene Sunday evening in Portage Township, what started as a routine towing operation turned deadly. Timothy Wakeman of Fostoria was eastbound on State Route 281, towing another pickup with tow straps. As they slowed to turn north onto Solether Rd., the towed vehicle veered off, flipped into a ditch, and tragically, Alva Barnes, riding in the towed vehicle, was ejected and became pinned beneath it.

Emergency Response and Investigation

Community and Safety Implications

This heartbreaking event has cast a shadow over the Wood County community, triggering discussions about towing safety and the importance of strict adherence to safety guidelines. It serves as a somber reminder of the potential dangers associated with towing vehicles, especially under less than ideal conditions. The community mourns the loss of Alva Barnes, a tragedy that brings to light the critical need for vigilance and safety in all vehicular operations.


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