Fisker Cancels Roadside Assistance Leaving Owners High And Dry

Owners of the Fisker Ocean EV no longer have access to the previously promised 6-year or 60,000-mile roadside assistance service

Fisker owners in the U.S. received an email informing them that the Roadside Assistance service is “no longer available”.

The news follow earlier reports about Fisker’s Roadside Assistance line not being accessible.

The 6-year or 60k-mile service was described as a “limited and supplemental benefit”.

Update: Fisker has confirmed our report, and in a statement to us, they said, “Roadside assistance is no longer available in the United States“.

Fisker has discontinued its roadside assistance service in the U.S. market, dealing another blow to owners of the electric Ocean SUV. This decision follows closely on the heels of a similar move in Europe. The company has notified owners via email, advising them to explore alternative roadside assistance solutions for their electric vehicles.

A Reddit user who owns a Fisker Ocean received the following email from the company: “Dear Valued Fisker Ocean Owner, we hope you are enjoying your Fisker driving experience to the fullest. We have an important update regarding our Roadside Assistance services that we want to share with you. Despite our best efforts, we regret to announce that Fisker Roadside Assistance is no longer available.”

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Other owners have confirmed receiving the same message in their inbox, indicating a nationwide change in policy. This development follows earlier reports of certain customers being unable to access Fisker’s roadside assistance, with their calls being redirected to the company’s normal service line. We have reached out to Fisker for an official confirmation and will update this story accordingly if we receive a response.

Despite informing owners, Fisker has yet to take down the Roadside Assistance policy page from their official website. The service was described as a “limited and supplemental benefit provided for Fisker Ocean vehicles for 6 years or 60,000 miles (100,000 km), whichever occurs first, beginning at the point of sale of a new vehicle.”

Roadside Assistance Over
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No more Fisker roadside assistance?
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Fisker’s emergency Roadside Assistance, touted as available ’24 hours a day, 365 days a year,’ covered potential issues such as mechanical disablement, flat tires, loss of power, being locked out of the vehicle, and winch services. However, it’s worth noting that on the same page, the company explicitly “reserves the right to revise or discontinue specific Roadside Assistance Benefits at any time without notice or offering refunds, reimbursement, or credits to the owner”.

The electric startup has been grappling with severe financial troubles in recent months. The company, which has already enlisted a restructuring officer, faces lawsuits over unpaid fees, the recent bankruptcy of its Austrian unit, and the suspension of Fisker Ocean production by Magna Steyr.

On a slightly more positive note, recent price reductions have spurred sales of the remaining stock of the Ocean, providing a much-needed boost to the company’s financial stability. Additionally, Fisker has unveiled plans to open three new dealership locations in California and New Jersey, expanding its U.S. network to a total of 15 dealerships.

However, uncertainty looms as the company has internally communicated to employees the possibility of mass layoffs starting on June 28, 2024.

 Fisker Cancels Roadside Assistance Leaving Owners High And Dry


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