Here's How Much The Tesla Model X Can Actually Tow

When buying a Model X, you'll have two luxury models to choose from, with pricing starting at $79,990. The Long Range serves as the standard model and is powered by 670 horsepower with an estimated 310 pound-feet of torque. Alternatively, the costlier and more powerful option, the Plaid, delivers a far more impressive 1,020 horsepower and an estimated 1,050 pound-feet of torque.

The Model S may match the Model X in torque and horsepower, but the Model X comes with a tow hitch that enhances the EV's versatility on the road. At its current specs, the Model X can pull a maximum of 5,000 pounds. There is a catch, though, that pertains to all vehicles — the maximum towing capacity is based on specific conditions.

Per Tesla, 5,000 pounds is possible if the EV is outfitted with 255/45R20 or 265/45R20 front tires and 275/45R20 rear tires at 46 psi or 265/35ZR22 front tires and 285/35ZR22 rear tires at 50 psi.


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