Hey St. George: Tow These Cars!

KAREN ALERT: I'm driving in St. George on Sunday morning... minding my own business when suddenly BOOM! I have to slam on my brakes and almost get rear ended on 3000 East, just south of the new Red Cliffs Temple. There is a new intersection right near the new Temple and there were DOZENS of cars parked on 3000 East, halfway parked in the 40 mph lane. These cars were all parked for church. The parking lot was completely full and the members decided to park DIRECTLY on the street. I had to have my cousin snap pictures of the cars while I was slowly passing. The street I'm referring to is the street below:

attachment-Screen Shot 2024-03-24 at 5.16.30 PM

This may have been a "Perfect Storm" of Church and the dedication of the new Red Cliffs Temple, and hopefully this isn't an average Sunday afternoon on 3000 East. There WILL be an accident in the future. This is a 40 MPH zone, and I came to a complete stop and had to wait for traffic to pass on my left before moving over. Not only were there cars parked halfway in the driving lane, but there was even a car parked in front of a fire hydrant, and a car parked the complete opposite direction.

None of these cars were being towed, and none of these cars had tickets. Why is that? Yes, I'm being an absolute Karen about this... But I've never seen something like this in St. George that wasn't getting any police attention.

Photos from the scene:



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