Hueytown police identify tow truck driver who crashed into home

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Authorities are continuing to gather information after a crash early Wednesday morning left a man dead in Hueytown.

Hueytown Police Department responded to a call at 3:20 a.m. regarding a tow truck that collided with a house in the 200 block of Forest Road.

No one inside the home was injured, but the tow truck driver was pronounced dead on the scene. The Jefferson County Coroner’s Office later identified him as 56-year-old Franklin Eugene McMillin.

McMillin drove for Classic towing and Recovery in Hueytown and was towing a vehicle at the time of the crash. Video taken by CBS 42’s crew at the scene shows a silver pickup still attached to the truck’s trailer.

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It will be weeks before investigators learn if McMillin suffered from a medical emergency before the crash.

Jatari Lenoir lived with his sister and mother in the home. He’s extremely thankful no one was injured by the crash itself, but will continue to pray for McMillin’s family.

“[My sister] sleeps in the window right here, so if the truck would have hit a little bit higher it probably would have struck her in her bed in her sleep,” Lenoir said.

The home, built by Lenoir’s grandfather, is currently condemned because of the damage. He hopes insurance will pay for repairs but knows life is worth more than material items.

“We can rebuild,” he said. “We can get all of this taken care of but we cannot regain a life and I’m just sad for the family.”

The American Red Cross is working with Lenoir’s family to give them a hotel room to stay in during this time.


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