Hurtado Barbecue Expands to Mansfield, Amplifies Mexicue Scene with No-Wait Online Orders

Brandon Hurtado's latest culinary venture, Hurtado Barbecue, is set to open its doors in mansfield, Texas, bringing a unique blend of craft barbecue and "Mexicue" birria tacos to the local food scene. Situated at 226 N. Walnut Creek Drive, the new establishment aims to serve the barbecue enthusiasts of Mansfield and travelers alike, without the hassle of long lines thanks to an innovative online ordering system.

Revolutionizing Barbecue Accessibility

Hurtado Barbecue distinguishes itself not just through its unique menu but also by its commitment to customer convenience. The online ordering page allows patrons to enjoy their meals without the typical wait time associated with craft barbecue joints. This approach accounts for 20% of Hurtado's business and is on an upward trend. At the heart of this expansion is the desire to address Mansfield's previously underserved barbecue market, with Hurtado emphasizing the importance of accessibility to quality barbecue.

Expanding Menu Offerings

The menu at the new Mansfield location mirrors that of its arlington and Fort Worth counterparts, featuring a tantalizing three-meat platter, family packs, and meats by the pound. In addition, Hurtado introduces some innovative sides like fresh-cut Mexican street corn and a kale salad, complementing regular favorites such as Hatch chile mac-and-cheese. Desserts like banana pudding and various empanadas ensure a sweet end to the meal. The restaurant's unique offerings, including birria tacos and brisket tostadas, cater to a diverse palate, blending traditional barbecue with Mexican culinary traditions.

A Growing Culinary Reputation

Hurtado's notoriety has been on the rise, further amplified by national TV coverage during the World Series, showcasing the extensive lines at his Globe Life Field concession stand. The Mansfield location is poised to become a new hotspot for barbecue aficionados, located conveniently among several notable barbecue establishments in the region. This strategic positioning not only caters to the local demand but also places Hurtado Barbecue within a competitive barbecue landscape, promising an exciting culinary adventure for patrons.

With the doors of Hurtado Barbecue opening in Mansfield, the local dining landscape is set for a significant enrichment. The blend of traditional craft barbecue with innovative Mexicue options, coupled with the convenience of online ordering, positions Hurtado's latest venture as a pivotal addition to Texas's vibrant food scene. As more patrons discover the joys of no-wait barbecue, the future looks promising for Hurtado Barbecue and its commitment to elevating the culinary experience in Mansfield and beyond.


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