I Found a Totally Rad 90s Themed Airbnb in Dallas

In dallas, Texas, in the lower Greenville area, you will find a duplex available to rent on Airbnb that will transport you straight back to the 1990s. Saved By The Bell, Nintendo 64, movies on VHS, Big Bopper magazine, it's all there for your nostalgic pleasure. Take our virtual tour and find out how to reserve a weekend for you and four of your closest friends.

The Slater

This trip back to the 90s is hosted by Jeremy and Kelsey in Dallas. They have been superhosting on Airbnb for several years now. They started out by creating an 80's themed Airbnb, called "The McFly." This 90s inspired stay is dubbed "The Slater," in reference to the lovable Saved By The Bell jock A.C. Slater.

I would suggest getting you and three of friends together to split the two bedrooms and one bath. The dudes can take one bedroom while the dudettes can take the other bedroom. Why? Well the bedrooms are are themed like a boy's or girl's would have been in the 90s.

Stuff like Friends and New Kids On The Block posters, a clear telephone and Big Bopper magazine are there for the ladies to giggle over.

Jeremy & Kelsey via Airbnb

Jeremy & Kelsey via Airbnb

Michael Jordan posters, a Super Nintendo and a bunk bed remind me of a Friday when my best friend would come over.

Jeremy & Kelsey via Airbnb

Jeremy & Kelsey via Airbnb

Hangout With Everyone

When it's time for the whole gang to hang out, I love the living area complete with a Zenith big screen TV like our "rich" friends had back in the day with a VHS player and Nintendo 64 hooked up.

Jeremy & Kelsey via Airbnb

Jeremy & Kelsey via Airbnb

When we get hungry, we can fix a bite something in the kitchen then sit down in Saved By The Bell's favorite hangout, The Max.

Jeremy & Kelsey via Airbnb

Jeremy & Kelsey via Airbnb

Split that cost amongst everyone and you've got a pretty affordable stay. No matter how far you have to travel, this stay will be pretty rad.

I Found a Totally Rad Airbnb in Dallas, Texas That Transports You to the 1990s

This 90s themed Airbnb in Dallas will take us 40somethings straight back to our teenage years. 

Gallery Credit: Jeremy & Kelsey via Airbnb

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