Increased travel over Fourth of July expected to boost tow truck calls

AAA projects more than 60-million people will be traveling the roads over the Fourth of July holiday.

With the increased travel on the roadways, means more opportunity for car trouble and accidents. tow truck drivers anticipate working overtime.

“Increased travel volume is going to translate into increased calls because you’ve got people that not only might be in accidents, but you’ve got maintenance problems, car break downs, things like that. Things that are unexpected," said Tom White, president of Tow Masters.

Tom White started in the towing business 35 years ago. He says it is important, especially during busy travel months, to stay vigilant.

“It requires an extra amount of diligence to try to do what we are doing to safely load your car to pay attention to traffic so we are not struck either, or we can get out of the way if it looks like we are about to be hit," said White.

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White emphasized the importance for those traveling the roadways to also stay aware.

Alabama's "move over law" requires motorists to move over and slow down when they encounter emergency responders stopped roadside with emergency signals activated.

“Although we are not classified primarily as a first responder, we are on the side of the road. We all feel that our safety is equally as important to anybody else's," said White.

White hopes drivers pay close attention when traveling this holiday weekend.

“Drive as though that was their family member or their relative," said White. "Either in the cars broken down or the ones operating the truck to pick it up, they wouldn’t want a family member hurt, so we shouldn’t be hurt either.”

White said the first thing to do is try to get off of the roadway if possible. Activate your hazard lights, try to move to the far right of the roadway. Do not stop in a speed lane.


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