'It was just gone,' cries driver who parked new car at home & found it towed 2 hours later

A PANICKED driver had her car towed from her own apartment complex because of issues with a parking permit.  

Susan Sanders moved to an apartment in Lakewood, Colorado, eight miles west of Denver, and her old car was involved in a crash, forcing her to abruptly get a new one. 

Susan Sanders had her new car towed just hours after she brought it homeCredit: ABC Denver7Sanders said she received no notice about the towCredit: ABC Denver7She also complained about how she received her car back from the tow company with a dentCredit: ABC Denver7

"I had an accident in my previous vehicle. The vehicle was totaled," Sanders told ABC affiliate KMGH in Denver in October 2022.

Sanders purchased a new car and brought it back to her apartment around 9:30 pm two years ago.

Her apartment requires a parking pass that costs $8 a month and it must be assigned to your license plate number. 

The new car had a different license plate on it when she brought it back.

This caused Sander’s car to get towed only two hours later. 


Sanders was extremely upset because she had a temporary tag and it cost her $367 to get her car back.

She said the towing company also dented her vehicle.

"There was no notice. It was just gone," Sanders told KMGH. 

"I think that people deserve to have some kind of warning, especially in a situation where a vehicle is obviously a new purchase. 

My car was towed after I parked at McDonald’s for 3 minutes – it was $217 to get it back but I got the last laugh

“It has a temporary tag on it. I was hoping for a little grace."

However, the towing company went against Colorado’s Towing Bill of Rights which requires a 24-hour notice before towing a car, per KMGH.

"I find it very threatening knowing that there's someone driving around our parking lot waiting to find the next person to victimize," Sanders said.

"Every day when I come out to get in my car, I wonder if it's going to be there."

"I don't think what happened is fair." 

Representative Naquetta Ricks, D-Arapahoe, who co-sponsored the legislation said Sander's situation is what the lawmakers were trying to put an end to.

"I'm shocked. And we have gotten more and more complaints coming through,” Ricks told KMGH.

What to do if you’re towed

Remain Calm
Check Surroundings
Contact Local Authorities
Find Towing Company
Gather Information
Ask for Documentation
Bring Necessary Documents
Arrange Transportation
Bring Payment
Inspect Your Car
Follow Up

"I know that some customers have gotten the money back because they've questioned illegal tows.

"And we just have to continue to do that situation, because it seems like the tow truck companies are still out there kind of lurking in the shadows."

Another driver had her car mysteriously. towed from Walmart and had to pay double to get it back.

This parking incident involved a crackdown on parking which led to $6 million in revenue from tickets.

Sanders had to pay $367 to get her car backCredit: ABC Denver7


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