'It's like a prison,' rage residents demanding HOA stop after they're towed multiple times

RESIDENTS have banded together in protest against imposed parking restrictions in an HOA.

Over 500 people signed a petition against their HOA, claiming the new parking rules led to vehicles being towed from driveways at night.

A homeowner said their HOA towed cars away from their driveway in the middle of the nightCredit: Getty

In a neighborhood formerly gripped by parking discontent, over 500 residents have united in protest against an HOA.

The movement underscored potential residents' frustration with their perceived overreach by management.

In 2020, 569 residents signed a Change.org petition that said their neighborhood in Kentucky was towing too many cars.

They also said they had difficulty retrieving the vehicles from the towing operators.

"In the last couple of weeks, we have dealt with so much distress from not only this new 'rule' but also the tow company."

The petition alleges the community stopped letting drivers park their cars on the street.

It said drivers who left their vehicles street-side were at risk of getting towed.

"We have had instances where it is two in the morning and cars in our driveway are being hooked," the petition alleges.

The driver also complained street parking was not prohibited in their lease.

Hundreds of RV park residents face power shutoff after owner refuses to pay SoCal Edison.mp4

The petition was translated into Spanish.

The U.S. Sun was unable to confirm if the parking rules have been adjusted since the petition.

Representatives for the HOA were not available for immediate comment on this story.

However, over 40 other drivers complained in the petition's comments section.

What to do if your car is towed

Wrongfully or not, retrieving a towed vehicle can be a hassle.

If your vehicle is towed after parking in a "No Parking" zone or other legitimate reason, there are a few steps to take to get it back.

Steps to take when your car is towed:

Try to figure out why your car was towed. Did you not see a posted "No Parking" sign? Did you miss a car payment? Did you return to a lot where you have unpaid citations? Finding the reason can narrow down the phone numbers to dial.
Locate the vehicle. Most states, cities, or counties require towing companies to leave some form of contact information via a posted sign or sent by mail.
Recovery dates and times depend on the company that towed the vehicle, but those times will be posted to the website or can be recited by a representative.
Pay the fees. Be careful to be as prompt as possible, as some tow yards may charge storage fees by the day.

If you feel your vehicle was wrongfully towed, contesting the action can be done with the following steps:

Be prompt - many states have a small window of time where it's acceptable to file a complaint against a company that wrongfully towed the vehicle.
Gather supporting documents: photos, emails, receipts, police reports, and witness statements if applicable. The more evidence, the better.
Get familiar with your local laws, as laws for towing companies vary per state.
Try speaking with the towing company. Sometimes it may have been a simple oversight, and the matter can be resolved quickly.
Contact the Justice of the Peace in your area, as they may have more insight or resources to help. They are often utilized for towing cases.
Talk to a lawyer. Many lawyers have free case consultations, and depending on the case, it may be worth it to utilize a lawyer.

Source: Oregon Department of Justice, National General, Rak Law Firm

"It's wrong and [an] injustice," one commenter said.

Several drivers said previously-towed car owners should get their money back.

"Our experience was truly sad and scary," another commenter wrote.

"The first time they came, I was woken up by their loud voices and truck."


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