'It's not in the street,' cries driver as dozens of cars towed from driveways prompting officials to push for law change

MISSOURI drivers have been complaining about a law that has seen countless vehicles towed from their driveways.

Lawmakers are now reviewing the practice of towing cars with expired tags from driveways in St. Louis over the backlash.

Missouri driver Robert Cotton Sr. was enraged over the city inspector coming to tow his automobile off his propertyCredit: FOX 2 St. LouisPolice stepped up to stop the city from towing a vehicle as the mayor deemed a driver's truck a safety hazardCredit: FOX 2 St. Louis

The 'safety hazard' portion of the state's law allows municipalities to haul cars from outside their homes if they're found in violation of the St. Louis ordinance, Fox News affiliate KTVI reported.

Some local drivers stressed that it makes them feel like they are "losing everything."

"The city inspector came by to tow my vehicle off of my private property," Jennings, Missouri driver Robert Cotton Sr. stressed when interviewed last year.

"It's not in the street, it's not blocking the sidewalk."

According to Missouri State Representative David Evans, the law requires "basic due process before government seizure and forfeiture of personal property."

In Calverton Park, Missouri, car owners are given a 10-day warning before the vehicle is removed from their property, Code Enforcement Lieutenant Sean Gibbons explained.

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The lieutenant gets a search warrant from a judge to take people's vehicles.

"It's up to courts whether we stay on one side or the other," Gibbons said.

"It's not up to us."

The city inspector came by to tow my vehicle off of my private property. It's not in the street, it's not blocking the sidewalk.

Robert Cotton Sr.Jennings, Missouri driver

The state is also considering a new rule that would prevent mechanics from doing repairs on vehicles with expired tags.

Missouri State Representative Gretchen Bangert, who made the proposal, said, "In our area, now, they don’t even bother to get temporary tags. They just drive around with no license plates."

Some mechanics have strong feelings regarding working on cars with illegal tags.

"I get uncomfortable working on these cars," Kevin Claspille, a former Pit Crew Tire & Auto Service repairman in Florissant, Missouri stated.

"Because I feel like I’m contributing to a crime,” he said. “If this car goes out and kills someone because I put a battery in it, then I’m an accomplice."


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