J Hook Towing & Recovery offering free tow on New Year's Eve to prevent drunk driving

SPRINGDALE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — If you or someone you know has partied a little too hard, a local towing company has you covered this New Year’s Eve.

J Hook Towing & Recovery is offering free tows to people in Fayetteville, Springdale, Bentonville, Rogers and Bella Vista, who are under the influence of alcohol and can’t drive home on New Year’s Eve.

By calling the company at 479-487-1111 and requesting a tow back to your house, one of J Hook Towing & Recovery’s five trucks will be dispatched to your location and tow you free of charge.

“For the last 15 years, J Hook has been doing the free rides on New Year’s Eve for anybody that’s under the influence of alcohol,” Billy Moore, a heavy-duty operator with J Hook Towing & Recovery, said. “We’re going to get them home safely where they’re going to be able to wake up the next day to be with their loved ones.”

Moore said this is the company’s 15th year offering the service and the first time it’s been utilized in Northwest Arkansas.

He said in years past, the free tows have been provided to Little Rock residents.

Sgt. Matt Ray with the Springdale Police Department believes more people drive under the influence during New Year’s compared to the rest of the year. He said people are beginning to realize the consequences of drunk driving.

Ray said if people plan to drink on New Year’s Eve, then they should not drive home and utilize a designated driver.

“When you get to that destination — where that might be — hand that sober driver your keys,” Ray said. “Plan on maybe staying the night wherever you’re going to go. If it’s a venue that has a hotel connected to it or at a hotel, try to rent a room there. Stay at a friend’s house. Rideshare availability is out there.”

Police say fireworks are another safety concern during New Year’s. Some cities like Farmington, Siloam Springs and Centerton permit firework use during certain times of the day.

Fayetteville, Bentonville, Springdale and Rogers, among other cities, have deemed them illegal.

Ray said firework accidents can start wildfires and pose serious injury risks.

“Definitely some burns,” Ray said. “I know people could lose fingers; major injuries to hands or to their body depending on where they’re hit with the firework.”


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