Local tow truck companies seeing increased calls for service amid recent weather | Waterloo

WATERLOO, IOWA (KWWL) - The past couple of weeks have seen some intense winter weather with snow storms and treacherous temperatures. 

According to Valley Wide Towing and Recovery, the past couple weeks have been the busiest for the entire season. Drivers have been working long hours and responding to multiple calls from drivers who are in need of assistance.

Some of the calls that the tow truck companies have been responding to are cars stuck on the side of the road, car accidents, or drivers needing to get their cars jumped.

Patrick Moloney, owner of Valley Wide Towing and Recovery, explained the different priorities for the various calls they have received. The company is trying to make sure they help out those who need it most first.  

Moloney said, "People that get first priority are people that are stranded on the road, people that are in traffic or police department calls, car crashes and stuff. If you're at home in a safe spot, we encourage you to have patience with us to be able to give us some patience. It may be at the end of the day that we can get to you, but that's what we're encouraging people to do, is have patience with your tow company."

As Moloney mentioned, it is important for drivers to have patience with the tow truck drivers as they are working hard to make sure they are able to get to everybody that needs assistance during this extremely busy time. 


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