Local tow truck company preparing for snow storms

SPRINGDALE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — Driving in the snow and ice can result in unexpected crashes if you’re not careful.

Steven Lewis, light driver for J Hook Towing & Recovery, says they are preparing for the upcoming snow and ice because they do see an increase in car accidents. 

The tow truck company has heavy drivers coming down from Little Rock to help so that they can accommodate everyone who needs help. 

Lewis says any car can get stuck, it just depends on how you drive. 

If you have a four-wheel drive, Lewis says don’t drive it in that system all the time. 

“Keep it in two-wheel drive till you get stuck and then you lock it in because then you have extra tires that will most likely get you out,” he said. 

Lewis says you have to watch your speed “because you’re going to hurt somebody or yourself or if you got kids in the car, you’re going to damage them.”

He says he sees the most car accidents near Don Tyson Parkway.

“When you’re going around, if it’s icy, you’re sliding down into the ditch. I’ve seen a lot of people slide off in that area. “

He also says cars tend to spin out and get stuck in Garfield and Eureka Springs.

“You got to be careful there too, because you got a lot of hills,” he said. 

If you have to drive in this weather, Lewis says to take your time, leave early, and have essential items inside your car. 

“Make sure you get a couple of bottles of water, a blanket and a pillow. Make sure you stay on a full tank of gas. I mean, if you get down to half a tank, you might want to fill up. Always be prepared for the worst and hope for the best,” he said. 

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If you don’t have to drive, he says stay home.

“Because you get out, you get stuck, now you just probably ruined your nice car. if you get hurt, you’re going to be missing days of work.” 

He says to watch out for black ice, which blends into the road, especially on bridges.

“I step on the gas a little bit. And my rear end breaks loose and it’s kind of a little freak out thing. It’s kind of scary.”

Ice, snow, or water can also cause you to hydroplane.

If this happens to your car, Lewis says to not touch the brake and let your car do its thing. 

It’s also important to remember to move over if you see a tow truck or a vehicle with flashing lights on the side of the road.

“There was a driver that did not move over and struck not the tow truck driver, but the guy at the car. And what I was told instantaneously here is that he passed on.”

Lewis tries to stay safe when helping others by wearing reflective safety gear. 

“Just try to hurry. Don’t take your time. Know your steps, what you’re doing. And if it’s too bad, you can call the state police or the city police and ask them to come and assist. And they’ll do traffic control for you.”

He says they also have a team of people who are certified in traffic control.

“So, if one of our drivers calls, we will then head that way,” Lewis said. 

If your car ends up inside a ditch, Lewis says to call a tow company, tell them your location, and stay inside your car.

He says his company tries to get to their customers in a timely manner because they know you’re going to be cold, especially if you do not have any blankets with you. 

“And we don’t want you out there, freezing to death and so, just be prepared.”

He says to keep your phone charged and check in with the tow company about every 15 minutes.

If your car is tipped over and you’re scared, losing breath, or worried, he says to call 911 instead.


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