Looking to tow on the Camel Estuary this year?

The Camel Ski School – Rock Water Sports has recently highlighted the importance of obtaining the SBD2 qualification for individuals looking to engage in towing activities on the Camel Estuary.

Since 2016, the Camel Estuary has mandated this qualification for anyone aiming to secure a ski permit for their vessel. The certification is crucial for those interested in towing waterskiers, wakeboarders, inflatables, and participating in other related water sports activities.

The school has announced that its SBD2 courses are now available, running from March through October. These courses are designed to provide enthusiasts and professionals with the necessary skills and knowledge to safely enjoy and conduct towing activities on the water. Participants looking to dive into the details or to book their spot in the course can do so by visiting the Camel Ski School’s website or by contacting Susan at the office for more information.

The Camel Ski School – Rock Water Sports continues to play a pivotal role in promoting water sports safety and education on the Camel Estuary. With the SBD2 qualification, the school ensures that all participants are well-prepared to take on the joys and responsibilities of water sports towing activities.


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