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Low-Cost towing celebrated 10 years of its current ownership, bringing out a huge crowd to the Safeway Parking Lot in Swift Current.

Taking over the grassy stretch at the end of the lot, the party had burgers, cakes, and refreshments. Most of the company trucks were there, flashing lights and tooting their horns. Members of the local car club scene came out to show off their hotrods. There was even a bouncy castle for the kids, and Hot Wheels drag racing provided by the Rogue Cruisers. 

For Cindy Remple, the huge turnout after a decade of her and her husband's efforts was great to see, while giving her a moment to reflect on the future. 

Cindy Remple with her husband, surrounded by employees, friends, and customers.

"We're pretty happy where we're at right now," said Rempel. "We have some great staff that have been with us for a long time."

Kids in attendance were able to take a peek inside of the tow truck, all the way from the car haulers to the jumbo-sized Peterbilt's heavy haulers. 

Also giving tours of their trucks was the Swift Current Rural Fire Department. Their trucks had plenty of young smiles on board as they blared the siren, honked the horn, and lit up the emergency lights. 

Another big draw for younger kids was the Hot Wheels drag strip. Provided by the Rogue Cruisers in partnership with the Excellerators from Shaunavon, this trailer was equipped with 12 lanes to race, loaded up at the top of the ramp, before speeding away down to the bottom. 

"That is a blast," said Remple. "Everyone needs to race some Hot Wheels today. The red one is fast. My tow truck, not so much."

For now, Remple has plans to train some of their staff to take on more leadership-level tasks and to continue to upgrade their trucks. Low-Cost Towing has been part of the Swift Current business community for far longer than 10 years, but it's within that last decade that Remple and her team have been able to transform it into the reliable service it stands as today. 


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