Mansfield, Texas: A woman was hit aftter falling out of a car

mansfield officers responded to reports of a major accident around 1:14 a.m. in the 800 block of FM 917, according to a release.

MANSFIELD, Texas — A 21-year-old woman was injured after falling out of her mother's car into oncoming traffic, police said. 

Officers responded to reports of a crash involving a pedestrian at approximately 1:14 a.m. in the 800 block of FM 917, according to a press release from the Mansfield Police Department. 

The victim's mother called to report the crash, police said. She stated she was driving her intoxicated 21-year-old daughter home on FM 917 when her daughter fell out of the vehicle and may have been struck by at least one vehicle in the lane behind her, according to the release. 

The mother said she turned her car around to find her daughter before calling 911, police said. 

Officers found the victim unconscious but breathing with major injuries, according to the release. No other vehicles were on the scene and the victim was transported via CareFlight to JPS Hospital in Fort Worth.

The incident is under investigation, police said. No arrests were made on the scene. 

As of 6:30 a.m. Sunday, the victim was in stable condition, police said. 


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