Mark Cooper, owner of Lexington towing company, laid to rest in Versailles

Saturday, the Lexington towing truck community said goodbye to one of its own. Co-owner of Metro Towing, Mark Cooper, passed away Monday. (Vasi Prokos, FOX 56)

LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) — The Lexington towing truck community said goodbye to one of their own on Saturday.

The co-owner of Metro Towing, Mark Cooper, passed away Monday.

“He made a big impact on the towing community, not just in Lexington but everywhere,” said Tyler Casey, whose mother is part-owner of Metro Towing.

Even on a gloomy day like Saturday, Mark Cooper’s light shone on as tow trucks guided him to his resting place in Versailles.

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“We had calls from West Virginia companies, companies in Tennessee, Ohio. I mean, he was very well-respected and very well-known,” said Casey. “He been doing it for so long and he was always willing to help somebody. if you had questions or needed parts for a truck even, he would do whatever he could to help.”

For more than 30 years, Cooper was in the towing industry, where he started Metro Towing. The office manager there, Aubrie Heavener, said she’s known Cooper for 22 years and that he was all about giving people second chances.

“He was a friend before he was even a boss. He cared about everybody. Our towing company is like a small little family. I mean, I really feel like, you know, besides family, you can’t get any closer than that,” Heavener said.

Now Cooper is leaving behind a legacy that will never be forgotten.

“The towing industry is like a brotherhood. I mean, we love each other and look out for one another, and it’s not an easy or safe job at times. So yeah, times like this, it really makes you proud when everyone comes together,” Heavener said.


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