Missouri Mother Faces Financial Setback After Car Towing Incident

Missouri Mother Faces Financial Setback After Car Towing Incident

In St. Louis, Missouri, a mother of two, Christina Reise, encountered a considerable obstacle when her vehicle was towed from her driveway due to expired tags. Reise, who heavily depends on her car for managing her household and ferrying her children to school, now faces an uphill battle to reclaim her vehicle and resume her daily activities.

Caught in a Financial Crunch

Reise confessed that the reason she had not renewed her tags was due to her trying to save money to pay her state taxes. Now, with her car impounded, she faces nearly $1,000 in towing fees, in addition to the $2,000 she already owes in state taxes. Despite having $800 in savings, Reise finds herself unable to afford the retrieval of her car.

The Legal Perspective

Legal experts have chimed in on Reise’s predicament. Lt. Sean Gibbons of Calverton Park stated that Reise was issued a warning with a 10-day grace period to address the issue. However, Attorney Jeff Schwartz highlighted a critical factor in the unfolding scenario. As per Missouri law, vehicles typically cannot be towed from private property without the owner’s consent or a safety risk. This revelation suggests that the impounding of Reise’s car may have infringed on her civil rights.

Not an Isolated Incident

Reise’s case is not an isolated incident of such harsh enforcement. A similar situation unfolded with Robert Cotton Sr., another Missouri resident who saw his truck almost towed from his private property due to expired tags and claims of his vehicle being a health hazard. Cotton Sr. threatened to sue the city of Jennings when his truck was returned to him with a popped tire, adding fuel to the ongoing debate about the legality and ethics surrounding vehicle impounding in private properties.


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