More than $80 million in federal funds released to expand truck parking

WASHINGTON — The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) on Sept. 13 announced more than $80 million in grant awards from the federal Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. Much of the funding is earmarked for projects designed to expand truck parking facilities and help drivers quickly find available spaces.

According to a statement released by the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT), this historic funding will help reduce the frequency and severity of commercial motor vehicle crashes on U.S. roadways. The funds will support truck drivers by expanding access to truck parking, investing in critical technology, improving safety in work zones, rural areas and high crash corridors, and more. Grant recipients include states, local governments, non-profit organizations and academic institutions across the country.

“We depend on truck drivers every day, and we have a national responsibility to support their safety and job quality,” said U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg. “Today, we are proud to deliver new funding that will improve safety on our nation’s roads.”

The high-priority grants include a 65% increase in funding for truck parking projects over last year and enhance critical efforts to support truck drivers and improve safety such as:

Expand access to truck parking by helping truck drivers locate available rest area truck parking spaces in real time via dynamic message signs along highways in Kentucky, Delaware and Indiana.
Research to support automated, location-based driver alerts via electronic logging devices (ELDs) that inform drivers of upcoming work zones, improving safety for both the drivers and the workers.
Enhancement of electronic screening technologies to detect vehicle violations (such as automated license plate readers, USDOT number readers, tire-monitoring systems and hazardous materials placard readers).
Outreach and education to combat human trafficking, an effort in which truck drivers can play a key role because of their time and attention on the road.

“President Biden’s historic investment through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law helps improve commercial motor vehicle safety on our roadways both at the national and local levels,” said FMCSA Administrator Robin Hutcheson. “Our grantees will dedicate these investments to innovative technology, research, and other projects that will positively impact CMV safety and move us towards the National Roadway Safety Strategy’s goal of zero deaths on our nation’s roadways.”

This funding includes over $80 million invested in new truck parking spaces across the country:

Caldwell County, Texas:A $22.9 million RAISE grant will be used to design and construct a truck parking plaza that improves safety and convenience for truck drivers. The plaza will include short- and long-term spaces with lighting, fencing, restroom and shower facilities, and 24-hour monitored security.
Caldwell Parish, Louisiana:A $10.5 million RAISE grant will be used to buy land and build a truck parking facility near the port and a highway for 50 commercial trucks, 100 cars and EV charging stations that are designed to provide auxiliary power units to power a truck cab’s heating and cooling, without having to run the engine while also recharging trucks. There will also be a system to find parking spaces in real time.
On Interstate 4 Between Tampa and Orlando, Florida:A $15 million INFRA grant is earmarked for a new truck parking facility that will include approximately 120 spaces, electric charging stations and pedestrian infrastructure to access nearby commercial amenities.
Near Memphis, Tennessee:A $22 million INFRA grant will be used to add 125 truck parking spaces at a spot along Interstate 40, which is a critical freight corridor. The project will also upgrade adjacent bridge structures.

All high-priority grant applications undergo a series of reviews before award selection. Click here for additional information about the discretionary application announcement, review and approval process.

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