Mother appeals for killer's capture in Dallas double murder of two teenagers

dallasShe did not want to share her name publicly or show her face. But as Kamari Smith-Capps' mother, she used her voice from the shadows.

"He had a future. He was making plans, you know, and that he had the world in front of him. He was beautiful," Smith-Capps' mother said.

For safety reasons, she asked CBS News Texas not to reveal her identity until Dallas Police make an arrest in her son's case. On Tuesday, police had no updates on the case.

DPD said Smith-Capp and his friend Camren Stacy were fatally shot in a parking lot in the 3800 block of Dixon Avenue Friday night just before 9:30 pm. Stacy, according to investigators, was on the ground. Smith-Capps was in the driver's seat.

Smith-Capps' mother, assisted by the No More Violence Organization, spoke in the park next to Berkner High School, where Stacy was enrolled and her son once attended. The two were best friends, the 47-year-old said.

"They were like brothers. If you saw one, you saw the other,"  she said.

Her only son had varying dreams, such as becoming an auto mechanic, welding, getting a barber certificate, and even life insurance. She said he played basketball and football. 

A killer took away his dreams before they could take root. His mother said she felt something was off.

"I knew something was wrong when I couldn't get a hold of him because it wasn't like him not to answer my call," Smith-Capps' mother said.

According to the grieving mother, when detectives called to tell her, they were en route. First, investigators needed to stop in Garland to speak with  Stacy's family.

"I couldn't wrap my head around it," she said.

 The detectives did not share the death notification until they arrived. It was devastating for a mother who said she counted on her son for support.

"I thought it was a sick joke. It was a prank," Smith-Capps said. "Even today, it's surreal. It doesn't feel real that my baby's coming home."

She said there was no insider information about the double murder. Loved ones await an arrest as detectives examine cell phones and examine leads. Stacy's mother was too overcome with grief to interview with CBS News Texas.

So, Smith-Capps' mother makes this plea for the victims and her grieving friend.

"Whoever did this has no soul," she said. "They don't have a conscience. They don't value life or anybody else's life. And people like that don't need to be on the street."

Tips on the murders should go to Detective Jacob White at 214-671-3690 or [email protected]. Reference case number 046238-2024.

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