Mother of slain youth pastor in Dallas speaks out

"I know justice is going to be served and I won't stand in the way," said Shaylor Wilcots.

dallas, Texas — The mother of a South Dallas youth pastor shot and killed Easter Sunday near his church provides a glimpse into his life violently cut short.

The shooting death of Shaylor Wilcot's son came just days after he preached a sermon on Good Friday. A Master of Ceremony introduced Denzel Branch for the Good Friday service and gave the topic "Today, You shall be with me in paradise".

The 31-year-old served as a minister at New Generation Church in South Dallas for several years. His mother says she received a call Sunday that every parent dreads.

"I remember having the feeling of being so dizzy at first, and then I just screamed out that I trusted God," said Wilcots.

The heartbroken mother shared photos with WFAA of Branch posing with his five children. Wilcots called him the jokester of the family because he also enjoyed making others laugh. She described him as having a positive attitude and always seeing the glass as half full. 

Dallas police say after Easter Service outside New Generation church Branch punched his ex-wife's boyfriend Joshua Andrews through an open car door window. The fight escalated according to court documents and police say Andrews got out of the car and shot Branch several times. 

During questioning after surrendering to police on the same day, court documents say Andrews confessed to the shooting. Police reportedly recovered a 9mm handgun in his car after obtaining a search warrant. 

Branch's mother leans on her faith and memories of her son's dedication to his church.

"He sang with the choir. He's also part of the ministry at the pulpit team in the prayer voice. I mean, he was just involved in everything," Wilcots said.

She attended a private viewing of her son Wednesday afternoon surrounded by family, friends, and coworkers

She shared a message with WFAA about her son's accused killer. 

"I know justice is going to be served and I won't stand in the way, but I will be there to support and love his family, church, family and those that are around," said Wilcots, "Even with him, I continue to keep them in my prayers daily, hoping that he'll send a letter to say that he repented. If he doesn't know God, I hope he says that he accepted him as his personal savior."


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