My boyfriend’s advice got me towed

DEAR ABBY: I went to visit a man I was dating and there was no visitor parking available. He told me to park in any space, even though there were signs stating non-residents would be towed. He said not to worry about it, that I’d be there only a few hours. Suffice it to say, I got towed.

He did drive me to the tow yard to retrieve my car, but he didn’t offer to pay for my tow charge, or even half of it. I thought it would have been nice of him to at least offer, and that his not offering demonstrated lack of character.

Yes, I know I chose to believe him at my own risk and that I’m responsible for my choices. But I trusted his information. In your opinion, did that demonstrate questionable character on his part? -- TOWED IN TEXAS

DEAR TOWED: I’m not sure it demonstrated lack of character, but it certainly demonstrated lack of generosity. If he couldn’t bring himself to take full responsibility, I agree he could have offered to pay half the fee. (I hope you put this guy in the rearview mirror.)

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