My boyfriend's car was towed but even the city can't say where he's allowed to park

A WOMAN has taken a concern regarding her boyfriend's work vehicle getting towed from a neighborhood to the internet.

Requesting guidance, the Facebook user posted her detailed question in a group just for residents of Manassas, Virginia.

The driver had to pay $200 to get his vehicle backCredit: Getty

TeaCia Jacobs explained that her boyfriend's work car was towed from a Manassas neighborhood and said that he had to pay $200 to get it back.

"His work trucks considered commercial due to the ladders being on it and they said it isn’t permitted," she added in the post.

There's a nearby road he tried to park on the side of instead, she said.

But, as she's in a residential area, Jacobs said that he can't park his work vehicle there either "due to the same reason."

"I called parking enforcement they said he can park anywhere that’s considered non residential," she shared.

"But couldn’t tell me where that is near here. Can anyone assist that would know?"

The Virginian said she even tried calling her HOA for help.

"They directed me to [the] city," she stated.

"And city basically saying 'I have no clue.'"

Over 100 members of the local group flooded her post with suggestions and opinions.

"That means park at a business," someone told Jacobs.

"Only you know what is near you. My husband brings his work truck home quite often and we got a ticket once but hasn't happened since,

"It's weird they towed you so someone must have called. If I were you I'd just park it in a different spot same street lol sometimes you can't avoid it."

"This is another Manassas city debacle," a resident said.

"Working class can’t park vehicles anywhere."

Someone even asked for more information about Jacob's boyfriend's situation.

"Is there a sign telling him this," an individual asked.

"I'd be in court otherwise."

A Facebook user suggested: "If there aren’t too many ladders maybe he could just bring the ladder(s) in for the nights?"


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