Native Mansfield woman killed at shooting in Round Rock

"She just stared at me with a puzzled look. She said 'I am hit,'" said Kevin Vicknair.

mansfield, Texas — Lyndsey Vicknair grew up in Mansfield where she attended Bethlehem Baptist Church. 

Now, that's where family, friends and colleagues will attend a Celebration of Life service after her tragic shooting death. Lyndsey Vicknair did not survive a gunshot wound over the weekend. Her husband had their three children by his side as he shared the last moments of his wife's life. 

"They took a mother who loved her family, her kids," Kevin Vicknair said, "She just stared at me with a puzzled look. She said 'I am hit.'"

The 33-year-old mother was one of more than a dozen people hit by gunfire after a fight between two groups escalated. It happened at a Juneteenth weekend celebration in Round Rock near Austin. Although it's a family event, after attending a Juneteenth parade, the couple dropped off their children, 7-year-old Kenzi, 4-year-old Kairo, and 1-year-old Kya. 

This year, family friend Candice Cooper decided to stay at home. She has not missed the Round Rock Juneteenth event in 10 years. 

"It is a family-friendly fun environment, and this was the first year that I did not go," Cooper said.

Candice and her husband met Lyndsey and Kevin through their youth track team organization. Their 7-year-old daughter is one of the student-athletes in the program. She started a GoFundMe to help Kevin and his three children. She describes Lyndsey as always having a heart for kids, a dedicated volunteer for the Honey Badgers youth track team, and helping others non-stop. 

"Lyndsey is one of those individuals that would always volunteer. First," Cooper said. "We would give her a task and she took it and ran with it."

Lyndsey's parents called Pastor Michael Evans in Mansfield right away to tell him about the shooting incident. He's known the family for years and Lyndsey's parents are active members of Bethlehem Baptist Church. Evans had just spoken to Lyndsey about organizing their family's upcoming vacation together.  But now as Round Rock police get help from the FBI on finding the shooter, Evans has prepared for Lyndsey's celebration of life at his Mansfield church with a message for every family.  

"Take time to love on the folks who are nearest you as hard as you can because you don't know if that will be your last time," said Evans.

As Lyndsey's former pastor, Evans will now focus on caring for her husband Kevin, and their children as part of their extended family.

"We support him as a dad with those three children. As they grow, we allow him to have us to use us as a leaning post, as a shoulder, and as a sounding board, because he is still processing what's going on," said Evans, "And he's doing a very good job at attempting to hold up and to stand firm."

Evans will officiate the Celebration of Life service for Lyndsey Vicknair is scheduled for 3 p.m. on June 22, 2024, at Bethlehem Baptist Church, 1188 West Broad St.


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