Neighborhood worries for safety after second arrest in tow truck driver shooting

20-year-old Essence Jackson was charged in connection to the killing of beloved truck driver Steven Hughes, according to Richland County Sheriff's Department.

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Residents in the neighborhood where 46-year-old Steven Hughes was shot and killed last week say after a second arrest, they're worried for their safety.

19-year-old Essence Jackson was arrested June 17 by the Richland County Sheriff's Department. She's the sister of 20-year-old Raheem Jackson, who deputies say shot and killed Hughes when he tried to repossess a car on the 7200 block of Fairmont Drive.

After the shooting, many houses had bullet holes and many residents were left shaken, says neighbor Jerry Parker.

"The members down here are really scared about the situation," Parker says. "We also learned that there’s a house down here on the next street that their window was shot out too."

He says he worries for the safety of the residents in the neighborhood even more, after a second arrest.

"I'm not sure exactly how they obtained a gun," Parker says. "It's like anything else. We need to tighten down on gun control."

The RCSD also confirmed to News 19 today that the car being repossessed in the shooting belonged to neither of the two siblings charged. The Department declined to release an incident report or arrest warrant for Essence, citing the investigation is still ongoing. 

A bond hearing for Raheem Jackson is set for Thursday, while no hearing has been set for Essence Jackson.

Funeral services are set to take place for Steven Hughes tomorrow at Thompson Funeral Home at 10:00 am in a graveside-only service. 


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